Leadership Team

Paid Staff


Nathan Owens

Nathan is the minister at the church and so has overall responsibility for what goes on in the life of Maxwell Church, along with the elders. Nathan likes music, and studied at Strathclyde in Applied Music, before going to study at Highland Theological College, followed by Cornhill Training Course in Glasgow. He is married to Steffi and has two boys, Jonathan and Josiah.


Paul Harkess

Paul is our assistant minister and has responsibility for the church plant in Onthank, Kilmarnock. You can read more about this ministry here. Paul is married to Miriam and enjoys music, football and films, and spent 10 years working for the Royal Bank of Scotland before going into full-time ministry.



Ross McNaughton

Ross is an elder in the church and contributes to the teaching, preaching and leading of worship in our Sunday Gatherings, as well as heading up our sound and visual team. Ross works in corporate IT and is married to Mhairi and has a daughter named Rebekah.


Jim Frame

Jim is an elder and serves as our church treasurer, meaning he has responsibility to oversee the church’s finances. Jim is married to Kareen and you will often find him ready to welcome people to church on Sunday at the front door!


Ivan Hannah

Ivan is an elder and also serves alongside Nathan and Paul in the Ministry Team, which means you will quite often find Ivan helping in a whole variety of ways throughout our church community, wherever he is needed.

Ronald Tomlinson

Ronald is an elder and also serves as our session clerk, which means he has responsibility for the administration and organisation of the eldership. He is married to Carren and has 4 sons called Magnus, Jacob, Samuel and Joshua. Ronald is a keen cyclist and enjoys a good BBQ!


Wendy Weir

Wendy serves as a deacon in the church and, alongside Marilyn, cares for our older members as a part of the pastoral care team. Wendy works 4 days per week as an accountant.

Marilyn Rankin

Marilyn serves as a deacon in the church and plays a key role, alongside Wendy in ensuring pastoral care is given to those in our church who are older or unable to attend church in person. Marilyn is a gifted cook.



Mhairi McNaughton

Mhairi is currently an intern at Maxwell Church, training as a women’s worker. Having worked for a number of years as a primary school teacher she decided to come and train for ministry at Maxwell Church. You can read more about our internship programme here. Mhairi is married to Ross and their daughter is called Rebekah.

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